350 hectares of land turn barren as road dismantles canel

Parbat, June 30: Farmers of Falebas, Parbat district are in trouble when it was a high time for planting paddy saplings.

The local farmers came across tough time when the only cannel meant for irrigating their cultivable land was dismantled in course of digging road.

More than 200 metres portion of the cannel was demolished in Khanigaun of Mudikuwa when the Road Division Office Pokhara was digging Karkineta-Jayamunighat road section.

Nearly 200 farmers have been deprived of planting paddy saplings after the demolition of cannel.

The victim farmers have submitted a memorandum to Chief District Officer Tek Bahadur KC demanding efforts for cannel maintenance.

At least 350 hectares of fertile land has turned to be barren in Mudikuwa, Falebas and Khanigaun with the demolition of cannel.

CDO KC has assured to the victims to take initiative for the repair of the cannel within a week. RSS

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