9.2 million youths are drug addicts in Nepal: aig dhakal

Bhaktapur, June 30: Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Additional Inspector General of Police Nawaraj Dhakal has said that now around 9.2 million youths are drug addicts in Nepal.

Inaugurating a training workshop against drugs in Bhaktapur today, AIG Dhakal stressed on the need of saving their children from drug addiction by organizing public awareness programmes in respective neighborhoods.

The programme was jointly organised by the Community Development and Service Centre and Community Police Service Centre, Gatthaghar.

Dhakal pointed out that all the bodies concerned should be united to fight against drug addiction as evils and aberrations have increased due to the use of drugs.
Stating that guardians should also monitor activities of their children as they use drugs swayed by others in the society, he said that it was necessary for parents to scrutinize habits and daily activities of their children.

Similarly, Superintendent of Police at the Metropolitan Police Range, Dilip Kumar Chaudhary, said that people from an age of 12 years to 28 years of Bhaktapur are drug users. RSS

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