O, my dear great leaders of Nepal
Why do you not be great feeders of Nepali ?
You think of only gain and achievment
But you don't think about improvement.
You should not fight for your selves
You should devote for ourselves
Don't combat for your party
You should combat for public.
Public are the need of parties
But parties do not so need of public
Both are related to each other
It is known to all brothers.
Let be gone be by gone
We should care now on
We make it peace and clam
They need medicines and blam.
We should make it new and model
World look at us for model and cradle
World will praise and admire our dares
It we avoid our selfishness and shares.
Ban you forces, stress and others
We should care for all brothers
Leave quarrel and avoid badness
Be careful by the unseen madness.
Riddhi Kant Singh Thapa

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