Bridge at Syali river at high-risk of floods

Kanchanpur, June 24: A concrete bridge at Syali river of Kaluwapur-Belauri road section linking the southern part of Kanchanpur district is at high-risk of floods.

The risk of the bridge as well as the Andhajala Freed Kamaiya Camp being swept away has increased after the river started eroding the camp with intensity.  The river has been eroding the land from the left side of the bridge.

Secretary of Dekhatbhuli VDC, Keshav Dutta Bhatta, said that there was a maximum possibility of the river flowing outside the bridge.The recent floods in the river have displaced seven families of the camp.

Last year also, the floods in the river had displaced 17 freed Kamaya families. Locals said that a permanent embankment should be built to save the bridge and the settlement.

Meanwhile, it would take some time to resume traffic along the road linking the Darchula district headquarters. The floods and landslides have damaged the road section at more than 10 places.

Chief District Officer, Chiranjivi Adhikary, said that the floods and landslides have damaged more than 200 meters of the road at Sakar area.

A new track should be opened as the road was completely destroyed, he said.Road maintenance works could not move ahead as locals of Masino Baluwa have obstructed the road maintenance works. A total of 25 workers were assigned for the road maintenance at Masino Baluwa, said Adhikary.  RSS

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