Drug Addection

The such types of Drug which affects on the main brain of human beings and damaged it is called drug addection. There are many types of drug addection. Such as afim, heroine, gajaa, brown sugar and tobacco. By using these materials people destroy their life. They are dangerous things. The person who take inteeest into use cann't live without it becaue it bacause it has became a part of need for him.
Our country Nepal is under the line of poverty 80% of people are poor.The cann't get enough food to eat. Generally, we look that the vicitrn of drug addection were rich people and poor people. To buy the drug, they need a lot of money. If they were able to provide money then they earily got drug. The drug has more affected on the youth. They wand to do copy of western country. Poor mans want to become rich person for this, they often become vicitm of drug. They eat drug by the call of friends. Someone want to taste it. How it taste? Many person watch cinera there shows that by using the drug the get more extra power to do somthing.
So, most people also like to develop such types of power; so they become agree to buy and eat it at the age of teenager. All have the power to do something now. So, they want to be modern and suffer from drug addection. The person who starts it to taken get more difficalt to leave. Much people use it without carring about their family or life. They are tired by their work.
Drug  addection is very bad habit. It call aspe the life of user. So you don't fall in drug addection.
- Rambishwash Kumar Kushwaha

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