Emphasis on water resources security in sub-urban areas

Kathmandu, June 19: The Nepal Engineering College, Kathmandu, has emphasized on water security of the sub urban areas of Kathmandu valley.

Making public a conclusion drawn from a research on the change in water resources security system of South Asia, the college suggested that the sub urban areas be made safer from the urbanization, and from change of ecology and climate.

  In Nepal, it is learnt that some 700 tankers of water is supplied to the cities in Kathmandu valley by tankers from various places including Matatirtha, Lubhu, Dadhikot and Jhaukhel.

At a two-day workshop organized here from Tuesday, college professor and coordinator of the Water Security Programme  Ashutosh Shukla stressed on the effects and evaluation  of the climate change by identifying the underground areas of the sub-urban areas.

 He said there was infringement of rights by the urban areas in the water resources of the sub urban areas as there was not enough  information  to the poor community.

  The research of this kind was carried out from  July 2010 to first  week of June  2013 in Nepal, Gurgaon and Hyderabad of  India and Khulna of Bangladesh in South Asia coordinated by the  International Development Research Centre (IDRC) and the South Asian consortium for Inter -Disciplinary Water Resources studies (SaciWaters). RSS 

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