Fled inmates of jail break arrested in India

Itahari, June 30 : Out  of the 12 inmates who fled by digging a tunnel from the  Eastern Regional Jail in Jhumka of Sunsari district eight months ago, who were in police hit list of search, three including Dhirendra Yadav  have been arrested in India.

Dhirendra Yadav, Bambam Yadav and Subash Jha who were jailed for killing 42 people in India and seven people in Saptari district , out of 12 who fled  were arrested from Birpur area of India, bordering  Sunsari, said police.

They had broken the jail on the night of  November  8, 2012.They were arrested with the help of Indian police with coordination of Nepali and Indian police. It was found that Dhirendra and his group had extorted Rs. 700,000 by threatening a businessman in Saptari two days ago along with 17 rounds of SMG bullets.

Indian police had declared Indian rupees 200,000 prize for informant of the group of Dhirendra. Other criminals Asraf Ali alias Subrata was already arrested in Kolkata and Ramesh Yadav alias Bulbul in Sunsari. RSS

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