Former VDC Chairman arrested for cement theft

Parsa, June 30: The cement lost on Thursday night has been recovered from the house of Inarman Raut Kankad, former VDC Chairman of Lakhanpur VDC in Parsa district.Police seized 13 sacks of cement from Kankad's house today.

Among the lost 40 sacks of cement and one quintal of rods lost from among the cement and rods brought to construct a bridge at Lakhanpur-6, police had seized 27 other sacks of cement from his house on Friday, according to Bahuban-based Police Post.

A police team searched the lost cement after the locals reported in this regard and recovered it from Kankad's house, said Assistant Sub-Inspector of Police, Gajendra Saha.Kankad has been detained  at Pokhariya-based Police Office for legal action. RSS

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