Ginger worth tens of millions of rupees exported to India

Bhadrapur, June 23: Ginger worth tens of millions of rupees is exported to India from Nepal.A large quantity of ginger is exported to India after demand of Nepali ginger is high in Indian markets.

A total of 19,490 metric tonnes of ginger worth Rs. 194.8 million was exported to India through Kakadvitta, the eastern entry point of the country, in the last fiscal year 2011/12.

According to the Plant Quarantine Office, Kakadvitta, 17,854 metric tonnes of ginger worth Rs. 178.5 million is exported to India till June 22 of the current fiscal year 2012/13.

Similarly, around 60 metric tonnes of ginger was exported to Bangladesh in the last fiscal year, said Chief of the Plant Quarantine Office, Narayan Shrestha.

Price of ginger has reached Rs. 240 per kg in markets of Jhapa district. Businessmen involved in ginger business, said that the price of ginger has increased in the markets as new ginger is produced only in the month of October and export of the ginger is still continuing. There is commercial ginger farming in Jhapa as well as Ilam, Panchthar and Taplejung districts in eastern Nepal.

Farmers have been attracted towards ginger farming as they could get good income from it and there is no problem of ginger market.According to the District Agriculture Development Office, Jhapa, a total of 4,025 metric tonnes of ginger was produced in 322 hectares of land in Jhapa district in the last fiscal year. RSS

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