govt. to move forward tamakoshi fifth hydro

Kathmandu, June 14:  The government is to move ahead 87 MW capacity Tamakoshi Fifth Hydro Power Project.

 In the context that fifty per cent work of the 456 MW Upper Tamakoshi Hydro has been completed with home investment, the project was going to be forwarded.

Information Officer of the Department of Electricity Development Gokarnaraj Pantha said the Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has the license for the project.

The project is regarded as a simple and easy project in terms of cost in Dolakha, which is now known as the hydro hub.

Finance Minister Shankar Prasad Koirala has urged NEA to move ahead the project immediately.

In a secretary level meeting in the ministry a few days ago, Koirala had said that it was easy to move forward as the road network had already reached there.

The Tamakoshi River will have projects like 207 MW Tamakoshi-2 and 275 MW Tamakoshi Third along with Upper Tamakoshi,

SN Power is studying the Tamakoshi-3 and Tamakoshi- 4 is also being studied.

As Upper Tamakoshi is taken as much-awaited project in Nepali investment, the fifth is also in government priority.

 The project is in priority in the context that the ministry is saying that an energy friendly budget will come, said Officer Pantha. On the other hand, NEA has been moving ahead studies.  The project is to cost Rs. 20 billion. RSS 

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