Indonesian police frees kidnapped British oil worker

JAKARTA, June 13 (Xinhua) -- Indonesian police and armed forces in Aceh province freed on Thursday a British oil worker who was kidnapped by unidentified gunmen two days ago.
Malcolm Primrose, a 62-year-old worker of PT Blade Energy Indonesia which is a contractor of oil and gas firm PT Medco E&P Indonesia, was released at about 06:00 a.m. local time at Rantau sub-district of East Aceh district, according to a release from PT Medco E&P.Malcolm has returned to his family safely, said the release.
Malcolm, a drilling expert who has worked for several oil and gas firms in the province since 1981, was kidnapped Tuesday morning in Lubuk Pimping village of East Aceh district.
Aceh province in the northern tip of Sumatra had been home to separatists of the Independent Aceh Movement before a peace deal between guerrillas and the Indonesian government was reached in August 2005 in Helsinki of Finland. 

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