Jha welcomes ordinance for second ca election

Birgunj, June 14: Chairman of the Sanghiya Sadbhawana Party, Anil Kumar Jha, has welcomed the forwarding of the ordinance on second CA election by the government for holding elections on November 19.
At a news conference organised by the Madhesi Journalists' Society here today, Jha said the decision of the government has created election environment in the country.
He added all parties should participate in the CA election to institutionalize the achievements gained from different historical movements including Madhes movement and that of the indigenous people, and to promulgate a federal democratic republic constitution.
Chairman Jha said that the government should create an environment for participating in the CA elections by all parties existing in the country.
He urged the dissenting parties including the CPN-Maoist and Federal Socialist Party, which have launched agitation against the government, to take part in the next CA election for the institutional development of federal democratic republic despite differences.
Jha said it was positive not to put provision of 'threshold of votes' in the ordinance and added that it would help create election environment.
He stressed that all political parties which are in favour of the welfare of Dalits, ethnic people, Madhesis, women as well as the suppressed people and community should go for election by forming a broader front, otherwise Madhes-based parties should go for election jointly if that was not possible. RSS

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