Joint front for campaign against untouchability

Biratnagar, June 25: A seven-member taskforce comprising Dalit and non-Dalit representatives has been formed here on Monday to launch campaign against caste discrimination.

Among the Dalit members of the taskforce formed under the convenorship of Bijaya Purkoti are Asmita Ghimire, Baldev Marik and Rika Ram. Likewise the members from non-Dalit side are Narayan Nepal from Brahmin Samaj, Raj Kumar Puri from Nepal Dashnami Samaj and Chet Nath Thapa from Khas- Chhetri Ekata Samaj.

The taskforce was formed to fight against wrong practices of discrimination in the society, said Bijaya Purkoti, coordinator of he taskforce.

The committee was formed after a daylong interaction programme between Brahmin Samaj and Dalit Samaj here in Biratnagar on Monday.

The committee has come up with five-point commitment to fight against all-pervasive untouchability in the society.

The committee will launch anti-caste discrimination campaign across the country. The committee has also decided to work in unison to strengthen nationality and respect the cultures of one another, it is learnt. RSS

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