Liberal class upgrading policy responsible for poor result

Kathmandu, June 12: Educationists have claimed that liberal class promotion policy, ineffective teaching in classroom, students' not giving interest on studies are responsible for reduced pass percentage in the SLC examinations.
Ministry of Education (MoE) has brought the Liberal Promotion Policy since 2060 BS.
The policy has a provision of not failing students up to Grade VII in general condition. "The poor result is the consequence of the same policy," said the educationists.
In the SLC exam results published on Tuesday, only 41.57 (167,935) percent out of total 511,165 regular students passed the exam this year, and that 8,318 (7.76%) became successful out of a total of 107,229 appearing for the SLC exam as exempted students.
During the discussion organized by Education Journalists Network (EJON) here today, the educationists also suggested political parties to be responsible to increase the pass percentage in the SLC examinations for they are the medium to make teachers responsible to the students.
Secretary of the Ministry of Education, Somlal Subedi, said the schools could not be kept under the chain of command of Principal, the schools being the centre of politics instead of learning are the causes for the SLC result to be poor. 
He said, "The pass percentage could have been improved only if the political parties are made responsible. The government would study about the cause behind the poor result." 
According to a report, students from the public schools have failed Mathematics, English, and Science while students have failed in Social Studies and Nepali from the private schools.
Educationist Bidyanath Koirala said the teachers have been patronized under the protection of the political parties and the students were guided by the trend that with the thinking that nothing can be gained from learning at school and the poor result was its consequence.
Koirala further argued that there would be no increase on the pass percentage unless the political parties were made responsible in this regard, adding that the teachers concentrated their minds to other matters rather than teaching. 
Poor SLC result could be the consequence of the liberal class promotion policy and that the government would bring new policies to improve the SLC result, said Spokesperson of the MoE, Mahashram Sharma.
Chairman of the PABSON Dr. Baburam Pokhrel and former Chairman, Umesh Shrestha, opined that it is impossible to bring changes in the academic results unless the schools were freed from political interference.
Educationists Mana Prasad Wagle and Tirtha Prasad Parajuli stressed on the need of reforming overall structures of the school including the classroom to bring changes in the academic results. RSS

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