Local body employees halt works of all govt. offices in Chitwan

Chitwan, June 23: Employees of local bodies in Chitwan district today have halted all works of all the district-based local bodies.

They halted the works putting forth 15-point demands including that temporary and contract-based employees should be made permanent and facilities should be provided by calculating their service period.

All the activities of the local bodies including District Development Committee, Municipalities and VDCs have been obstructed after they started agitation piling pressure to fulfill the demands.

The employees said that they would also halt the works at the local bodies on Monday saying their demands should be addressed.

Information Officer of the District Development Committee, Balram Luintel, said that the employees launched the agitation halting all works as their demands were not listened to even after they launched agitation time and again.

Service recipients have been hit hard due to the haltage of works at all the government offices in the district.

There are some 800 temporary and contract-based employees in the government offices including DDC, municipalities and VDCs in the district. RSS

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