Locals halt blasting works at construction site

Syangja, June 25: Locals of Galyang in the district have stopped work of digging a tunnel of the Aandhikhola Hydropower Project being constructed by the Butwal Power Company.

They have stopped the company from carrying out blasting works for construction of the tunnel citing that the tremors of the blast had put at risk 70 houses, a school, a temple and the agricultural land at Lalyang and Simle of the Jagatradevi VDC.

The Butwal Power Company (BPC) had been carrying out blasting for the construction of the tunnel after stumbling across a massive rock formation in course of the construction.

BPC had been constructing the tunnel in connection with upgrading the capacity of the Aandhikhola Powerhouse at Galyang from 5.1 Megawatts to 9.1 Megawatts.

They say that the shaking of the ground in course of the blast increased the risk of landslide in the region. RSS

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