Magar people in Myagdi learning Kham language

Myagdi, June 23: Magar people in Myagdi district have started learning the Kham language, one of the many Magar tongues, that is not in practice for about 400 years (since 1600 AD).

Pun Magars from Barangja, Histan, Ramche, and Ghar VDCs in the district started learning their mother tongue that was not in practice since the Malla period in the district.

It is learnt that the Pun Magars stopped using their mother tongue as their tongues were cut by the then rulers if they spoke the language.

Training classes are run to teach the Kham language, said Tham Bahadur Roka, Chairman of the Barangja Kham Language Preservation Committee.

As many as 1,500 Magars interested in learning Kham language have been taught common vocabularies and grammars used in daily life.

Harishankar Gharti Magar from Rukum district has been coordinating the Kham language classes. Although new generation has shown interest, there is a lack of trainers, said Tika Prasad Roka of Barangja.

It is said that the name of the settlements in Myagdi district and  pronunciation have similarities with the Kham language.Of the 112,000 population of Myagdi district, around 50 per cent  is that of Magar people. RSS

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