Maoists divided because of greed for wealth: kc

Syangja, June 17: UCPN-Maoist has been divided as it was entangled in amassing property.

At a programme organized by the Nepali Congress, Syangja in Putali Bazaar today, he said although the party had a slogan of people's democracy they forgot their slogans of the ten-year long war after they reached power.

He said the country faced crisis as the Maoists were entrapped in love of property, and added the people had not fought war only to send Chairman Prachanda and Vice Chairman Baburam to power. They now fear the people, he accused.
KC claimed the country will head for prosperity by solving all the problems of the country if democratic forces win the November 19 elections.

  NC Central Member Sujata Pariyar said the governments led by all the leftist parties after establishment of the republic could not work as per the expectations of the Constituent Assembly and the people.  RSS


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