Nearly 40 p.c. food grain mis(used) in brewing liquor

Rukum, June 14: Nearly 40 per cent of the food grain produced in the district is used in brewing liquor, according to a report prepared by the District Food Security Network.
As per the report, 70 per cent of the food grain produced in the VDCs under 'Cluster A' is used as food, 20 per cent is given to cattle and 10 per cent used to brew home-made liquor.
Similarly, in VDCs under 'Cluster B', 50 per cent of the total food grain produced here is used for food, 20 per cent as animal feed and 30 per cent used in brewing.
The Network stated that food grains like maize, rice, millet are extensively used in brewing liquor. It is said the locals are doing this as it is more profitable selling the liquor brewed out of these grains than by selling the grains itself.
Chief of Nepal Food Corporation, Rukum branch and member of the Network, Prem Narayan Bhandari, said that the district faces food shortage as part of the production is misused in brewing and stressed on discouraging this practice. RSS

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