NEFIN demands keeping CA strength as in last CA

Kathmandu, June 18: The Nepal Federation of Indigenous Nationalities (NEFIN) has demanded that the government not reduce the number of Constituent Assembly (CA) members and that the election system also be kept as it is.
The NEFIN also demanded proportional representation as per the population of indigenous nationalities and ensuring minimum one representative from a single ethnic community in the forthcoming CA.

Issuing a press release today, Chairman of NEFIN, Narendra Kumal, called for 50 per cent representation of women in CA.

The press release demanded that out of the 50 per cent representation of women, 38 per cent should be that of women from the indigenous nationalities.

NEFIN has been drawing attention of the government and the political parties continuously that 42 per cent of the total CA members should be elected through direct and 58 per cent through the proportional system.

The press release also stated that NEFIN's serious attention has been drawn towards the declaration of the date of the CA election on November 19 by neglecting their demands. RSS

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