Only six government offices in Parbat have info officers

Phalebas (Parbat), July 1: Only six out of some 40 government offices based in Parbat district have assigned their information officers although the law provides that all the public bodies should assign one information officer.

It is found that the government offices themselves are not paying attention to the circular issued by the National Information Commission (NIC) directing them to assign one information officer each and to provide the name of the information officer to it.

The Right to Information Act, 2064 BS clearly specifies that the public bodies should make arrangements for assigning one information officer for the purpose of providing information with the office.

Only the District Post Office, the Agricultural Development Office, the District Administration Office, the District Education Offfice, the District Land Survey Office and the District Water Supply and Sanitation Office have assigned information officer in Parbat district, according to the NIC webpage.

The rest of the government offices have not sent the names of the information officers to NIC, it is stated.

There are 40 government offices and the same number of NGOs' offices in Parbat district. But most of these offices have not assigned the information officers. RSS

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