Police start collecting statistic of flood displaced families in Kanchanpur

Kanchanpur, June 19: Police have started collecting statistics of the families affected by flood in Kanchanpur district from today.

Police started to collect the data after the meeting of the Disaster Management Committee held at the District Administration Office, Kanchanpur, on Tuesday decided to give the responsibility to police to collect the data and to provide relief.

Superintendent of Police at the District Police Office, Kanchanpur, Binod Sharma Ghimire, said that police have started to collect statistics of flood affected families of Odali, Piparaiya, Badaipur, Dodhara and Chandani of the Bhimdutta Municipality, which are mostly destroyed by the floods in Mahakali River.

More than 300 families in Dodhara, Chandani and Bhimdutta Municipality have been displaced by the flood, said police.

Ghimire said that five kilograms of rice, half kg of pulse, half litre of  edible oil, one packet of salt, among others, per day, would be provided to a household with five members, who are completely displaced by the flood, as per the decision of the Committee. RSS

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