Residents of Chandani in high risk of flooding

Kanchanpur, June 26: People of Chandani VDC in Kanchanpur district are in high risk of flooding as the embankment damaged a week ago by floods in Mahakali River was not repaired yet.

  The flood had damaged the embankment built one decade ago with JICA cooperation. The floods had swept away one and half km of embankment from Zero Mile to Chhoti Pul on June 18 and inundated paddy seedlings, maize and vegetables by filling sands.

People faced inundation for upto three days and had swept away food grains, clothes and utensils. Some 25 families of the Syaule Tole were affected most.
Locals have demanded repair of the embankment immediately to protect the settlement, Ganesh Khadka said, adding their settlement will be safe only if it is repaired.  One Manoj Chand said no one has reached there and no aid received from government offices.

People leave houses when it rains, said Karan Bista of Chandani- 7.  Locals demand immediate inspection and repair of the embankment. 

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