services at Chitwan medical college closed today

Chitwan, June 10: Chitwan Medical College at Bharatpur has closed all the services except for emergency after locals and kin of victim resorted to vandalism over death of woman during treatment after giving birth.
            Services are closed demanding security as there was vandalism, said Chitwan Medical College.
            Patients reaching the medical college for services are hit hard.As Bhawani Khatiwada Ghimire, 22, of Basant Chok of Bharatpur- 12 had died in connection with her treatment, kin of victim had resorted to vandalism saying she died of doctors' neglect and the hospital was in tension all day yesterday.
            Talks ended without any conclusion between victims and the hospital administration.  Police used minor force as situation was tense after the failure of talks.
            Police has tightened security in the hospital.  Various health-related organizations have protested the vandalism and health workers and doctors are working with black bands in their hands today.

            Nepal Medical Association Chitwan, Nepal Nursing Association Chitwan, Nepal Health Workers Union and the Nepal Health Workers Association and Akhil Nepal Pragatikarmi Sangathan also expressed regret on the vandalism.  RSS

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