Ten gumbas in best destination list in dilapidated conditions

By Shova Sharma

Mustang, June 12: The old monasteries of Upper Mustang, which is in the third position of the ten best destinations of the world, are waiting for conservation. 

The monasteries of 15 Th century (BS) in Chhusang, Charang, Surkhang, Ghami, Lomanthang, Chhonhup, and Chhoser VDCs are the main attractions for tourists in Upper Mustang which is in the third position in the list of best destinations prepared by the Lonely Planet travel guide book. 
  The oldest Gumba of the world, the Loghyakar Gumba of Marang village is in dilapidated condition at Charang VDC- 1 of Upper Mustang.
The Manhe gumba and stupas around built in 8 Th century (BS) by Tibetan king Dhiksung Thakchen and others are developing cracks for lack of budget for maintenance. 
Although thousands of tourists come for observation, no conservation has been done, said Chairperson of the Charang Ama Samuha, Maya Bista. It has importance worldwide, but is being neglected by the government even if attention drawn, she said. 
No one has given attention even if proved world's oldest heritage, said Gumba Lama, Angju Gurung. The main parts of the Gumba have been developing cracks, he said. 
Engaged most of the time in Gumba conservation, he said organizations are now coming for help. 
Locals said no budget has been allocated for the conservation of the historical heritages of the Upper Mustang. 
The Gumba has 75 various Buddhas built of stones in ancient times.The gumba spread in five ropanies of land has 26 rooms and 106 chhortens. 
The Gumba Conservation Committee said Sadu Bhai Lama of India has been sending assistance for the students and lama teachers of the gumba regularly. The gumba is in remote area of Charang VDC and 
Buddhists in Tibet take Marang as a centre of faith, which is in the border area of Lomanthang VDC. 
Similarly, there are dozens of old and new monasteries including in Chhoser, Surkhang and Chhonhup VDC bordering Jhongwasen district of Tibet. Even Indian government has invested in some of these Gumbas. 
Indian government has given attention as most students go to India for further studies.  
Those going to visit the gumba built in 15 Th century (BS) are increasing, said the Annapurna Conservation Area Project, the tourists are enjoying in the gumbas, said ACAP Lomanthang Chief Niranjan Dhungana. Their conservation needs special attention, he added. 
One can view gumbas, caves as human settlements, houses of clay, and arts and culture of old palaces there. 
Upper Mustang was opened since 1992 and the government has so far collected more than Rs. 700 million from the tourists. Locals demand 60 percent of the fund raised in the local level for tourism, development, health and education. 
Worried as best destination
The people of Upper Mustang are worried from the dangers that their tradition, culture and heritages will be disappeared as motor road has just reached there even if it has been adjudged one of the ten best destinations of the world in 2013. RSS 


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