Tinau River intensifies erosion

Butwal, June 19: The Tinau River, swollen after continuous downpour since the last few days, has fast started eroding land along its banks, putting the settlements near the river banks at high risk.

The overflowing Tinau has also eroded the structure of the embankment constructed under the People's Embankment Programme at local Buddhanagar, spreading panic among people living in the downstream areas of the embankment.

Locals allege that the 250 metres long embankment constructed last year by spending Rs. 20 million was constructed by using substandard material, hence the erosion.

Similarly, the settlements as Binapate, Hattisudh, Khayarghari, Pragatinagar and Buddhanagar near the river are under high risk of inundation. Also at high risk of floods are some 1,200 landless squatters who are living near the banks of the Tinau River. RSS

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