Transport services resume to sindhupalchowk after agreement

Sankhu, June 23: The lock out carried out by the Sindhu Sarokar Committee at the Central Office of the Aama Hyolmo Transport Committee based in Jorpati accusing it of not providing treatment expenses for the injured in an accident of the committee's bus, has been opened from this morning.

All the transport services of Aama Hyolmo Transport, operated to different VDCs of Sindhupalchowk district via Jorpati-Sankhu route have now resumed.
The Committee padlocked the main gate of the Narayantar-based Bus Park from June 20 after the transport committee neglected in treatment of the injured people.

Coordinator of the Sarokar Committee, Uday Sapkota, told RSS that the transport services resumed after an agreement was reached between the Sarokar Committee and the Transport Committee at the meeting held Saturday to provide Rs. 800,000 immediately for the treatment of the injured and to provide the remaining amount gradually.

A total of 14 people had died and over 30 were injured when a bus (Ba 52 Kha 3645), operated by the Committee, heading towards Kathmandu met with an accident at Thangpalkot on May 29. RSS

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