Twenty-two child workers rescued

Bardibas, June 19: The Women and Child Welfare Office, Mahottari has handed over the 22 child workers who were rescued from an embroidery outlet in the capital on June 13 back to their families.

These children were employed at an embroidery outlet at Thankot in the capital. They were earlier rescued by different social organizations working in the child rights sector and handed over to the women and child welfare office.

The children from 12 years old to 17 years old were rescued from the embroidery workshop by volunteers from Himali Nabin Samaj, CWEIN and CIVIS, among others.

Among the rescued children, 18 are from Mahottari district and the rest from Bela village of Sitamadhi district in India. The children were handed over to their parents on Tuesday, according to the women and children welfare office. RSS

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