13 pc electricity pilferage in Kanchanpur

Kanchanpur, July 11: Nearly 13 per cent of the total electricity used is pilfered in this far-western district.
Electricity leakage is escalating in the district since the last two years due to technical problem, the Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA)'s district field office stated. Electricity pilferage due to non-technical causes is at seven per cent and due to technical causes at eight per cent, it is said.

According to the NEA, these technical problems include overloading of the electricity transformers, installing street lamps haphazardly, inability to change the dysfunctional electric metres and the existence of dilapidated electricity cables.

Annually, over 27.92 million units of electricity is used in the district and of this, 3.63 million units is wasted due to pilferage.

Nationally, electricity pilferage is reported to be at 24 per cent. RSS

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