Q. 1. What types of disease do children suffer during Summer Season ?
Ans: During summer season, children mostly suffer from infectious disease of gastro-intestinal tract .  Among them, gastro-enteritis is the most common one. Typhoid fever is also basically the disease of intestine, which later on it affects the blood. The end result is diarrhea, vomiting, loss of applied, dehydration, pain abdomen, fever and loss of weight . The incidence of infection diseases due to the transmission of agents by a vector also increases.
Q. 2. What are its reasons- Hygiene & Sanitation, Change in climate or Edible food ?
Ans: The most common reason for the G.I. infections is transmission of injections agents through oro-fecal route due to improper hygiene and a sanitation conditions. Fresh cooked food should be taken during summer season. Measures should be taken to protect the food from contamination infections agents; like fly management, clean drinking and cooking water, fresh vegetables, proper cooking of food and personal hygiene like washing of hands with soap and water prior to infection of food.
Q. 3. What type of food do children should take during summer season ?
Ans: In all seasons, every one should take enough food to meet the caloric need of the individuals. But children are growing rapidly and they are physically more active too. So, the food should be rich not only in calorie value in terms of carbohydrate, protein and fat, but also enough vitamins and minerals with plenty of water are required to balance the intake. During summer season, we loose plenty of fluid and salts in the from of sweat, and this loss has to be replenished properly to avoid dehydration and more severe heat-stroke like conditions. Plenty of green leafy vegetables and fruits are recommended to meet the need of the growing children. But junk food like beverage, chocolate and fast food stuffs should be discouraged due to enough disadvantages.
Q. 4. What should they do if they suffer from stomach disease ?
Ans: If they are already suffering from a disease condition of abdomen, it is strongly recommended to visit a medical person or doctor and seek their professional advice. If a child is not suffering from vomiting, but only diarrhea, oral dehydration  fluid should be started immediately. It will prevent the worsening of the condition of the children. Medical education to the parents and children is mandatory to prevent future sickness.
Q. 5. What are the reasons of stomach problems ?
Ans: Mostly the improper eating habit is the major problem for the children to suffer from the diseases of G.I. system (gastrointestinal). Personal hygiene is the reason to add on to it. Frequent and fresh food with clean drinking water can prevent the diseases of G.I. tract.
Q. 6. What advice would you like to give our parents ?
Ans: Parents should give proper attention to their children, especially to see that kids are eating frequently and they are following the rules of personal hygiene. They should plan the menu for the children in a manner that it supplies all macro and micro nutrients in required proportions. Children enjoy to eat the variety of foods. So, to attract them to the dinning table, a wise change in dishes are not the bad idea to employ, serving the fresh food is very much necessary to keep them healthy.
Q. 7. Whether it is right or wrong to permit venders to sell edible things near school ?
Ans: If a vender follows the rules of personal and cooking hygiene, there is not much reason to restrict them from catering the food. As long they serve the food by maintaining the norms of sanitation, are harmless. But it is difficult to monitor the conditions in which foods are prepared, transported and served. Another problem is about ensuring the personal hygiene of the students, while eating the food in a school environment during intervals. It seems to me that a better solution of the problem is to bring the food from home to eat during mid-interval sessions.
Q. 8. At last what do you want to convey to everyone through this magazine ?
Ans: I must congratulate the school management and specially the Principal of the Mount Edmund Secondary School; Mr. Anant Kumar Lal Das, for their efforts to bring the good things in the life of the students and their parents. I wish piece, prosperity and health to all readers of this magazine. Thanks a lot.

–Dr. Pawan Kumar Lal Das

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