Afghan president calls on Taliban to give up fighting

KABUL, July 9 (Xinhua) -- Afghanistan's President Hamid Karzai in his message on the eve of Ramadan once again called upon Taliban militants to give up fighting and join the government- initiated peace process, a statement released by his office on Tuesday said.
"Once again I am calling on Taliban particularly those Taliban who are the sons of Afghanistan and feels the pain of the Afghan nation to give up fighting for the sake of Ramadan and stop killing the Afghans," the statement released on the eve of Ramadan or the Muslim fasting month, he added.

In his message the president noted that Afghanistan unfortunately is still burning in the flame of unholy war run by militants; since Ramadan is the month of peace and worship he asked Taliban fighters to return home and resume their normal and honorable life.

Taliban militants who had rejected president Karzai's offers for talks in the past, in a statement couple of days ago stated that the armed outfit would continue its fight against Afghan and NATO-led troops in Afghanistan during Ramadan.Ramadan or the fasting month falls on July 10 during which the adult Muslims do not eat and drink from dawn to dusk.

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