almond farming in kalikot

Kalikot, July 4: Commercial farming of almond has begun for the first time in Manma, the headquarters of Kalikot.

Gajendra Prasad Acharya, a farmer of Manma has begun farming almond by bringing almond saplings from Hyderabad of India.

The farming had begun on trail basis a year ago and that proved fruitful. This prompted Acharya to go ahead to commercial farming the dry fruit in this hilly terrain.

Acharya has initially begun with 300 saplings of almond, that is a crash crop drawing handsome price in the market.

The success achieved by Acharya is expected to draw in many more farmers into almond farming.

However, the District Agriculture Development Office denied having any knowledge about farmers cultivating almond in the district.

We have not received any information about almond farming in the district, said Crop Protection Officer at the district, Dhan Bahadur Rawat. RSS

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