Anti-rabies vaccine crunch at Bheri Zonal Hospital

Nepalgunj, July 3: The Bheri Zonal Hospital here is facing shortage of anti-rabies vaccines, prompting patients to buy the same from private clinics at higher price.

The hospital has only a limited number of anti-rabies vaccines in its 'buffer stock' for use in emergency cases only, it is stated.

The hospital used to provide the vaccines to the patients free of charge but the patients have to buy the vaccines these days as it has run out of the vaccines.

Even the Regional Medical Store here has limited stock of anti-rabies vaccines for use in emergency cases only.

Statistics shows that the Sub-regional Hospital in Dang and the Bheri Zonal Hospital use large quantity of anti-rabies vaccines each year.

Although annually 500 vials of anti-rabies vaccines are provided to the Bheri Zonal Hospital, it is always in short of the vaccine as some two thousand people are said to come to the hospital for treatment of dog-bite annually. RSS

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