Campaign for Organic farming started

Bhaktapur, July 23: A campaign to encourage farmers to use organic fertilizers and organic pesticides has been started here to discourage the production of vegetables and other agro-products using chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Beyond Nepal, a non- government organization, has started the campaign of sharing the knowledge and technical know-how of organic farming,  as various elements found in the agro-products which are beneficial for human health are damaged due to the excessive use of  chemical pesticides.

As part of the campaign, the organization provided training to farmers to produce and use organic pesticides and fertilizers at Sudal of Dadhikot VDC in Bhaktapur district. Following the training the local farmers have already begun organic farming here, said Chairman of the organization, Sachit Jha.

Epidemic of diseases on agro-products are rare and the productivity has also increased with the adoption of organic farming, said Anita Bhattarai, a farmer from Dadhikot VDC.

Organic pesticides made from different medicinal plants easily available in our surroundings have been of great use after we learnt skills to make better use of them in an organic way, she added. RSS

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