Campaign to Ban Plastic Bags Effective in Dhankuta

Dhankuta, July 5: The use of fabric paper bags has become popular and increased in Dhankuta Municipality area after the municipality banned plastic bags.

The campaign to prohibit the use of polythene bags has been effective and the production of plastic waste and garbage has lessened after its implementation, said Kumar Koirala, executive officer at the municipality.

Entrepreneurs and consumers have supported the campaign, therefore, it has effectively run, said Lalchan Gonba, chairman of Dhankuta Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The campaign was launched from May 2013 by forming a monitoring committee that has decided to charge a fine of Rs. 1,000 on people selling polythene bags and Rs. 200 on people buying such bags, said Bijay Santoshi Rai, coordinator of the campaign.

Likewise, as many as 36 sellers and 76 buyers who violated the rule have been punished.

It is noted that the violators who don’t pay the fine would be deprived of all the services provided by the municipality. RSS 

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