Changunarayan Temple under high risk of landslide

Bhaktapur, July 24: The Changunarayan Temple, a world heritage site in Bhaktapur district, is under high risk of landslide.

This historical temple is in peril after landslide occurred on its east and west side. The temple is located atop a hill.

Chakradharananda Rajopadhya, the temple priest, said the landslip to the western side of the temple has reached up to the Chandrasurya shrine, one of the nine such shrines located to the west of the temple. He complained that nobody has paid attention to protect the temple even when it is in dire straits.

The rampant quarrying of sand from the bank of the Manohara River that flows just below the Changunarayan Hill is blamed for the occurrence of numerous landslides on the hillside. The occurrence of landslide has risen since the last two years, it is stated.

The bodies concerned have been approached for preventing the quarrying of sand from the river and taking preventive measures for stopping landslides, but to no avail so far. RSS

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