commercial jersey cow farming started in Mustang

Mustang, July 3: Farmers in Mustang have started farming of the Jersey, a breed of cow generally preferred for the hot climatic areas, in the Himalayan district.
Farmers from Syang of the district have started commercial farming of the Jersey with the grant assistance of the Himali Project.
The farmers have imported as many as 28 Jersey cows in Ward No. 5,6,7, and 8 of Syang VDC in association with Syangthola Community Agricultural Cooperative Limited. They are now producing 160 liters of milk  daily.

Shiva Prasad Thakali, one of the operators of the Jersey farm, said a dairy centre collects milk from the VDC and sells it in the district headquarters Jomsom and adjoining areas at Rs. 70 per liter.

Chairman of the Cooperatives, Ash Bahadur Thakali, said an agreement has been signed with the Himali Project to provide 80 per cent amount of money for cow farming and operating the dairy.

"We have started planting fodder for the cows and constructing new building to establish dairy office," said Chairman Thakali. Mustang failed to meet the demand for milk, he added.

The Himali Project also signed agreement to provide financial assistance to run trout fishery in Ghansa, apple nursery in Tukuche, said Dr. Guru Prasad Khakural, Chief of the Project and Chief Officer at District Livestock Service.

The Himali project is a government run and funded project currently under implementation in 14 districts with an objective to make local farmers self-reliant in livestock and agriculture. RSS 

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