communicable diseases outbreak after inundation in Nepalgunj municipality

Nepalgunj, July 11: Transmission of communicable diseases was high in the municipality and its surroundings after the lower part of Nepalgunj Municipality was inundated due to rainwater.
According to doctors in the local hospitals, the municipality dwellers have been found catching diarrhea, dysentery, typhoid,  common cold, rare types of fever, and rashes after the inundation in the municipal area.

Different hospitals in Nepalgunj including Bheri Zonal Hospital, Nepalgunj Teaching Hospital, United Hospital and private clinics here have been overcrowded complaining such diseases for the last two weeks. Each of the hospitals here would look after an average of 55 patients daily.

Some of the cases are found very serious while others are cured after minor treatment. The Bheri Zonal Hospital has managed special services for the treatment of serious cases.

Meanwhile, the District Public Health Office has adopted special safety means in view of possible transmission of the diseases in different VDCs. The local health centers have been equipped with necessary medicines in the district, said focal person of the Office, Ram Bahadur Chand. RSS

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