compensation to Bird Flu victim farmers in Chitwan

Chitwan, July 4: The Nimbus Group is to provide compensation worth Rs. 2.371 million to three farmers of Chitwan district, who had used poultry feed produced by the Group.

The fowls at the poultry farms of the three farmers were destroyed after they were found carrying the Bird Flu virus.

The compensation is going to be provided from the Bird Flu Relief Fund of Rs. 7.5 million set up by the group.

According to Dr. Dinesh Gautam, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Pro Bio-Tech Industry Pvt. Ltd, which has been producing feed of Shakti Brand, preparation is underway to provide compensation to Shree Krishna Thapaliya, Jyoti Thapaliya and Kedar Thapaliya by July 15.

All the farmers are from Mangalpur in the district.

The Group is going to provide compensation of Rs. 1.42 million to Shree Krishna, Rs. 1.137 million to Jyoti and Rs. 191,000 to Kedar, he added.

The group has been providing compensation as much as provided by the government to the farmers.

The government has made arrangement to provide Rs. 500 to each parent layers chicken, Rs. 250 to parent broiler chicken and Rs. 150 to others as well as Rs. 3 per egg.

The District Livestock Office, Chitwan, said that a total of Rs. 12.421 million has been already provided by the government as compensation. RSS

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