Dalit students' Scholarship amount misused

Biratnagar, July 3: The scholarship amount provided by the government as scholarship to Dalit students has been found to be misused by some schools in Morang district.

The misappropriation came to light in course of a monitoring carried out by the District Education Office, Morang, at the Biratnagar-based Bidhya Bikas Primary School.

Under-Secretary at the Office, Tanka Gautam, said that the 65,000 rupees that was allocated to the school in 2069 BS for scholarship to the Dalit students in the school was found to have been spent in building construction.

Gautam said that the Office has directed the school to provide the scholarship amount to the students by scrapping the decision of spending the amount in constructing a school building.

Meanwhile, Dalit rights activists have said most of schools in the district are misusing the amount provided for scholarship to Dalit students.  RSS

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