Dengue down in Chitwan

Ratnanagar, July 2:  The Dengue epidemic, caused by mosquito bite, has lessened in Chitwan district this year.   Only 51 people were found to be dengue-infceted during the period from last year July to June this year, said the District Public Health Office.

While examining 797 fever patients in the period, only 51 were found having dengue infection, said Vector Controller at the Office, Ram Kumar KC.

As many as 20 people had lost their lives due to dengue infection in the district last year and the number has gone down this time, said Dr. Bhoj Raj Adhikari of the hospital.

The Chitwan district is deemed highly vulnerable for dengue outbreak. The office is launching the 'search and destroy' campaign with the target to eradicate dengue from coming mid-July.

The dengue is caused when a female mosquito of Ades Agyptie species bit human being, said the doctors. RSS

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