displaced badi families demand creating environment for returning home

Rukum, July 10: Twenty-five Badi families of Rukum district, who had gone to India 15 years ago after they were displaced by floods, have demanded that an environment be created for their returning home.

They have demanded this with the district-based political parties, administration office and local bodies for returning home immediately.The 25 families of Pipal VDC-9 were displaced by floods in Sanibheri river on August 5, 1998.

The families living at different places of Himachal Pradesh in India demanded arrangements for living within the country with respect saying they should be free from their refugee life.

They also demanded immediate arrangement of Nepali citizenship, Badi identity cards, names in biometric voters' list and poor family identity card.

A team comprising of five members has arrived in Rukum from India to take initiative for the resolution of their problems.

A team member Prajit Badi said that they want to be free from refugee life and added that arrangement should be made for living in the country itself.
The team also discussed with local bodies, district-based political parties and administration office.

Another team member Binaram Badi said that all bodies are sensitive to their problems and assured to take initiative to resolve the problems. RSS

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