drug users on the rise in siraha

Golbazaar (Siraha), July 23: The number of illegal drug users has been found to be increasing in various market places of the district.

Lahan, Golbazaar, Mirchirya, Madar, and the Siraha district headquarters have become a hotbed for drug addicts, with the banned drugs easily available in drug stores and even groceries.

Likewise, the number of crimes has also increased with the rise in drug users.
Injecting drug and tablets are sold in high price by the medical drug stores in the district, said one drug user under condition of anonymity.

The drug users here can also avail of the easy access to banned drugs in the nearby markets across the border in India.

Siraha police has recently increased it vigil over the drug users and traders. It has also been confiscating a large haul of banned drugs and destroying them. However, that has proved insufficient to quell the steady rise in the number of drug users in the district.

The craze for the banned drugs has been increasing among the youth and this has to be checked through the joint effort of the school/college administration, local police and parents, says President of Guardians Association of Nepal, Siraha, Ramananda Gupta.

Chief of District Police Office, Siraha Manoj Neupane said a campaign has been initiated with the mobilization of informers to check abuse of drugs in the district. RSS

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