Egregious misuse of Budget on Rara Lake Development

Mugu, July 23: Although hundred of thousand rupees is allocated every year for the conservation of the Rara Lake and infrastructure building in this area in the district, a gross misuse of budget has yielded no result till date.

The government releases more than Rs 3.5 million every year for the Rara Lake conservation and development. A local lake development committee is assigned to expend the budget through National Lake Conservation but no specific change is made on conversation of the lake, nor has any infrastructures built to lure tourists in the Rara area. It is all because of the flagrant misuse of the budget by the office bearers in the local committee.

As a result, the tourists visiting the Rara Lake face problems of basic facility including the accommodation.

The Rara National Park housing the Rara Lake, however, said it was unaware about budget allocated four tourism developments there.

In the past three years, Rs 3.5 million was spent every year in the name of a construction of road around the Rara Lake, but no work has been begun for the construction.

Gopal Bam was the chairperson of the consumers' committee in the first year, while Devendra Budha in the second and Lal Bahadur Bham in the third, but they did nothing at all for the infrastructures building in the Rara area.

Moreover, before these three local leaders, Khadak Bahadur Shahi spent Rs 3.6 million in the name of the conservation of the Rara Lake. He tool did not care about the responsibility.

Consequently, the surrounding of the famous Rara Lake is like what it looked a decade ago.

Conservation Officer at the Rara National Park, Bhogendra Rayamajhi, said the non-transparent monitoring of the budget expenditure was the main reason of the flagrant misuse of budget. RSS 

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