- Lovely Kumari
Every student whether at a school or college have to appear at examination as it is an indispensable part of education. The main aim of conducting an exam is to test whether students have achieved the objectives set on various subjects taught or not.
There are 3 examinations namely First Term, Half Yearly and Annual. The purpose of holding first and second term exam is to disclose to the students their weakness in a particular subject, so that they can remove it by paying attention. This examination works as stimulus to bright students. The annual examination determines whether a student is fit to be promoted to the next class or not. These exams activate students in their studies.
The importance of exam lies in the fact that it gives a student a certificate of qualification using which he can get a job. Secondly there is no other way to test the knowledge and skills of students. If there is no examination, no student would care to read. It is the examination that compels them to read and write. Several unfair means are adopted to pass the exams. Again the ways of conducting exam is not very reliable .Cunning students learn by rote learning, cheating at exam is rampant now–a-days. Another defect is seen in examining the answer books. Great negligence has been detected in S.L.C. results. If these sorts of things go on, the very purpose of examination is entirely defeated.
The defeats of examination must be remedied. To test the student’s knowledge, final exam is not enough. The conception that exam is an up hill task and a thing of awe, should be removed from mind of students. Besides this, examination should be conducted in a pure atmosphere. Only then examination will be purposeful.

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