explosives found long ago yet to be defused

Rolpa, July 4: The large haul of explosive found hidden inside a cave is Thurpalek of Gairigaon VDC-6 in the district is yet to be defused, owing to lack of human resource and equipment required for it.

"Due to absence of personnel and equipment necessary to dispose the explosive, we have been compelled to just guard it", says Deputy Superintendent of Police Om Ranamagar.

Nepal Police have made a request to the Nepali Army in Tulasipur, Dang to manage a bomb disposal squad, according to Police Inspector Saroj Poudel.

The explosives were found by a mobile team of Armed Police Force that is mobilized to guard the Jwar Memorial Brigade of the former Maoist combatants in Tila.

The cache of explosives include some 70 socket bombs (IED), gun powder, detonators, pipes etc. They are believed to have hidden there during the insurgency period.

Discoveries like these of hidden or stray IEDs are frequent in Rolpa, a centre point of the decade-long conflict. RSS

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