Gender Discrimination (BIAS)

- Sofia Sara
Generally, females are stronger than the males. This is evident from the fact that females have more resistance to diseases and stress. However, unfortunately the social systems of many of the developing countries have converted the females genetic advantages into social disadvantages. The females face discrimination is almost every sphere of life. Education nutrition, job employment and health care are some of the key areas that highlight the wide scale gender bias against the females.
Better status, means better lifestyle and attitude. The better status of women is the crucial contributory factor for the overall development and progress of any society. This has been justified by the status accorded to the females in the highly developed countries contrary to the poor status enjoyed by females in the less developed nations like Nepal, India and many other Asian countries. Status of women refers to the position that women enjoy in the decision making process, be it at family, community or country level.
It is a good old saying that, “Man and Woman are the two sides of the same coin”. As for the validity, a coin has to perfect from both of it’s sides. Similarly, the society most accord equal status to both the genders.
Therefore, the gender bias against the females is the major obstacle on the path of development. In the modern age, one should not have any hesitation to say that gender bias against females in this miserable world is a social progress. Hence, removal of this stigma must be a priority concern for all of us.

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