health volunteers expelled for not wanting to touch lactating mothers

Baitadi, July 9: As many as 62 health volunteers were expelled for not wanting to touch lactating mothers and their new born.

The District Public Health Office (DPHO), Baitadi, has expelled the volunteers working in around two dozen health centers across the district, after they were found unwilling to even touch new mothers and their babies.

The Office expelled eight volunteers among nine in Thalakanda VDC and others from different other VDCs and appointed new volunteers, said Dr. Gunaraj Awasthi, Chief of the DPHO.

He said that the new volunteers were appointed for the counseling and primary treatment of the lactating mothers and their babies after the existing ones were found not carrying out their tasks.

Meanwhile, the DPHO has directed 68 health organizations in the district to implement the rule of making the women health volunteers standby with different 10 medicines in their bags round the clock. RSS

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