High time people look for alternative to four major parties'

Kanchanpur, July 5: Central president of the Nepal Pariwar Dal political party, Eknath Dhakal has said that it was high time the people sought alternative to the four major parties as they have already failed.
Dhakal who arrived at Jhalari here in connection with opening the National Public Awareness Campaign to be launched by the party today blamed the squabbling for power among the four major parties for the dissolution of the First Constituent Assembly without drafting a constitution.
He also accused these parties for the increasing impunity and the weakening law and order situation in the country.
"The unemployment rate has increased and reached 70 per cent, incidents of violence against women have surged, the country has become very weak in maintaining internal security and corruption and inflation have been patronized due to the ineptitude of these four major political parties that governed the country for most of the time in the last two decades," Dhakal said.
He also said that his party will file candidacies from all the constituencies in the upcoming elections for electing the Second Constituent Assembly. RSS

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