Bishesh Sharma Subedi

A leader is he who knows the way shows the way and “goes the way”.
The ability to lead others genuinely is known as leadership. Leadership refers to the set of characteristics that is honesty. Sincerity, politeness, principally, supportive, co-operative and positive attitude along with creative vision.
Leadership quality is not an inalienable quality. It can be created or made with our gradually efforts, observation and practice in general life, and so on. So, it is said that “Leaders are not born, they are made”.
But a bad leader has no destination. He has not actual goal to which, he can lead others. Uneducated leaders can not lead others. So, It is said that, “A bad carpenter quarrels with his tools."
A leader can be effective, inspiring, encouraging, efficient and successful leaders in  different fields due to their certain attitudes like – patience, Humility, availability, tolerance, love, power to listen, Adaptability , maturity, discrimination, knowledge , decision making, clarity of mind, power to listen, ability to respond, courage, team spring and co-operation.
(A Boss says go ! A leader says, lets go !)
So, In the present condition our country and we need a selfless leader, who can develop the nation. The leaders can only succeed when he realizes above things. As we can be too good leader and lead the country to peace and prosperity.

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